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tv   [untitled]    August 29, 2010 9:30pm-10:00pm PST

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out that it says that it is the report from the deputy director, but i think it is important to point out that it is her role to be acting deputy director. it was listed previously by that. i do not know why it changed. secondly, i want to congratulate commissioner newlin for getting the presidency of the commission, and even though we have been controversial, i hope you will give everyone a fair shake. thank you very much. and last but not least, usually, there is a list of minutes out here. usually, it does not matter, but i think it is important that the copy of the binder that you get is also available for public perusal.
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other commissions do it. you at least have a binder. you do not have to make a lot of copies of a lot of things. just of a binder so that people can go through it and see what they are talking about there. so thank you for your time, and you did not mention the party next month, so i am hoping you talk about the party. thank you. >> -- commissioner newlin: ok, in the future, call me "fair shake newling." ok, the first item will be 4724 geary place, saeid amin, casa
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hookah. >> this is the second time this has come before you. this is an application for an extended hours permit. theoretically, it was submitted on july 9 with the intention that the applicant has to present belly dancing in this restaurant and lounge on geary, but soon after, we learned that the address requires neighborhood notification. however, there is no limitation note on hours, which led us to believe we could move forward on the extended hours application, and then with this recall notification, so that was the intention.
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and then we brought in again this request from sfpd to continue this for tw weeks on the basis that they are having a change, and the applicant was ok with that. this is behind this memo, which indicates that they met with the applicant, and they are supportive of entertainment, but not of the hours, so we can ask the applicants what they would like to do this evening based on where we are right now. >> commissioners, i am appearing
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with my client, mr. saeid amin, who owns the hookah, and the also owns in north beach pizza -- owns north beach pizza. he thought they would ok the after-hours but had problems with another thing. that said, what we would like to do is we would like to put a couple of things in the record, and then we would like to ask this be put over to the call of the chair so that we can get on the same page and also get the 312 notification out. commissioner alan noted a few things. i actually have a copy. i would just tell you what it
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is. basically, it now says there will be one security person for up to 45 guess, and the 49 occupancy is limit. that is to clarify that issue. section 3 of the amended security plan, , and to conclude the issues, and it is very technical. if you have any questions for the applicant, we would be happy to answer them. otherwise -- >> if i might clarify?
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we might be, but the continue of the call of the chair with respect to our timetable, the applicant, i believe, can continue indefinitely if he requests, so we are recommending a specific date, but the commission can decide how that goes. commissioner newlin: commissioner meko. commissioner meko: i think his suggestion is the smartest thing since you have the 312 notification, and that will process has to be completed, and that will possibly trigger a discretionary review. so as long as you are making the
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requested to continue to the call of the chair, that is what i and one to propose. >> we can come back at the next hearing. otherwise, it will probably be 90 days. it is one of the other. commissioner: if i understand your position, you do not want to go for? in a package? >> we will take either, but i do not think this commission can take any action at all tonight
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-- >> i thought if that was clear, but you might want to hold this to demonstrate to the community and the police department after road would not be a problem. >> we can certainly count. we do not think there is any reason to have a hearing before word on the after-hours, so i think there are situations that have to be resolved on either of those particular applications, and we would just go forward. >> ok. >> you are going to wait until they bring forth a compromise so that they can go forward together, and you have amended
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your security plan to reflect the somewhat unusual language and would specify " the perimeter of the security plan boundary for each venue being, as you said, a 100 foot radius from the door, not including the street. >> our for more permits officer retired.
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i think this way, we can actually work out the kinks in terms of what it is that he wants to accomplish. he is actually in fort -- full support. however, there are some issues that we still have to work out. at this point, i have no problem continuing this to september 14. present ne -- president newlin: thank you. i look forward to working with you. any other comment? commissioner meko: i will move
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to continue this to the call of the chair. secretary: [reading roll] commissioner newlin: ok, next item. >> they apply for an entertainment permit to take over the on going business and continue operations mostly unchanged. the current permit holder, who i believe is there, is the building owner, and therefore remains someone involved. it is nice to have a landlord and i do not think i have seen
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that person twice in eight years. there is an abc license, and the occupancy remains at 350. the business is literally across the street, and they have had a good relationship with their neighbors. soundproofing was installed, and it contains the sound from the live ones upstairs. the sound test was actually conducted by mr. granelli.
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and i think as far as my file is concerned, staff is recommending an additional grant. commissioner newlin: any questions from the commission? >> say hi. >> congratulations, terrance. >> i have been a department manager. if they change anything, we are going to run it like we have.
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>> the permit is in my name. but originally, it was my partner. at the elbo room almost 20 years ago. what has been said is that my wife and i are the property owners. commissioner newlilin: -- newlin: thank you for being involved. >> i have never heard that.
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can someone say what the zoning district is? referring to a block or parcel number? is it a neighborhood, commercial-style zoning there? >> yes, it is. it is mixed use. zoning, residential, as well as commercial, and that is the zoning at this point. >> great, that was my only question. president newlin: commissioner meko. commissioner meko: have you ever met with others concerning your use of the premises?
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this does not fulfill being with the local neighborhood associations. and i would hope that they would point this out. >> coming to these meetings six or seven times of the year, and will be checking in. >> one thing. the merchants association has regular meetings. the list goes on and on and on.
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and even though they did not recommend commissions, this would automatically be attached to this. >> inspector granelli pointed that out, as well. commissioner meko: right. commissioner newlin: we will see if there is any public comments. commissioner: move to approve with the conditions of the good neighbor policy. commissioner meko: second.
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secretary: [reading roll] president newlin: next item. >> good evening, commissioners and staff. steve mathias. first of all, a want to thank them. there were some clubs we were having some issues with. -- i want to thank them. who is in charge there. we did have a lot of calls. it was considerably better last weekend.
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last week and really went pretty well. this is pretty active in the central district. there was a bad korea, where one person where shoved down on the dance floor. -- there was a bad fight, where one person was shoved down on the dance floor. there was another aggravated assault at mijoro's. -- mijoto's. at another club, somebody was spraying champagne allover.
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i do not know if they have a bottle service their war a champagne bottle, but, once again, they need to be able to see if there is an empty bottle or to have it in the waitresses hand, not the patrons. this last weekend was pretty good, but the weekend before, we had a lot of violence in the broadway and columbus area. i will not go into every detail, but there was some fighting, resisting officers. there was a robbery with the gun on jackson street. there was another battery.
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and two more batteries, one on broadway and grand, and another on geary. the reason we bring it up is that it is not a specific club, but the problems of our outside, just down the street, and it makes a big difference as far as dealing with the club. whether it be restrictions are anything, it is really helpful. if there is a fight over at one club, that is less resources. it makes a huge difference. >> i, too, am very glad to see the entertainment commission and
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the police department were together. it has been years. there is a liaison to the entertainment commission korean that is a great step forward -- commission. that is a great step forward. down in ocean view, there was a double homicide across from a school. these were 18- and 19-year-old 's. this is something you have to grapple with, and now one of my projects when i will be somewhat retired is among the schools and religious organizations to try to tackle what they have been unable to do prior, to see if we
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cannot save some of them from either being killed or from being involved in a homicide, and so if we can save one or two kids, if we can use popular culture, if we can use music, if we can use dance to get to those kids, that is our responsibility, and we should be doing that. i know you're very involved in reaching out to the youth. to get their attention with something they like to do, which is they like to hear, they like to sing along, and they like to dance to music, so i think we can reach them in that way, and there of th'váhrz which they are deaf to the adult language. i did forward to working with you in a different capacity. thank you. -- i look forward.
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president newlin: thank you, steve. any comment? seeing none, we will go to item six, commissioner comments. commissioner meko: just one item. i want to thank commissioner alan. it will be difficult to fill the seat. thank you very much. president newlin: same year. final item, item 7. seeing none, that will conclude
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the august 24 meeting of the entertainment commission. thank you. under one hour. >> the san francisco ethnic dance festival is one of the jewels on san francisco sculptural crowns. this is in its 32nd year of showcasing the celebrated dance troupes. this year will be one of the past with four new works representing kondo, afghanistan,
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china, mexico. -- congo, afghanistan, china, mexico. more than a hundred 30 ensembles and soloists auditioned in january for a slot in the ethnic dance festival. in the end, 37 companies were selected to perform. 26 of those performances are world premieres. >> each year, we assembled a panel of dance experts that is made up of academics, scholars, researchers. people have been working for decades in the field. many of them came to this country in the seventies and
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have trained the next generation of dancers. they are proud to see many of these students at the these masterful levels. this was one of the best panel'' we have ever had, extraordinary people. at the end of the process, they rank their top groups which are then merged into a master list. >> performers are judged on stage presence, costumes, and innovation. >> the four programs are created around an exciting and dynamic range so the soloists and groups selected each weekend will have enough dynamic range to be a society overall to are experience. >> hundreds of dancers from
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different countries need each other, compare stuff, and make new friends. this has resulted in new cross- cultural collaborations'. >> one of the extraordinary things is that it really only happens here in the san francisco bay area. all of the dancers that we are presented -- presenting are from the area. they have full-time jobs and they spend their weekends nurturing their passion to sustain these extraordinary dance forms from around the world. the audience cannot help but be inspired. >> this year, the festival will feature a special collaboration that celebrates the mexican bicentennial and commemorates the 100th anniversary of the mexican revolution.
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>> one of the great area biographers has stepped out of that role and we asked them to create a special work working with 6 x ordinary dance companies that we have assembled dancers from all of these companies to present a united work in celebration of the bicentennial. >> dancers from over 20 countries are staunch cultures are participating. >> one of the things that is inspiring is how many are being invited back to their home countries as cultural ambassadors from the u.s.. we are teaching them in committees so that the next generation here in america and back to india or bali or whatever will be a


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